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Over 210,000 FD’s were produced, on a survival percentage it’s probably smaller than the FD’s contemporaries such as Ford’s Cortina mkIII, Rover’s P6 and Triumph’s 2000. Current surviving FD numbers is estimated to be in the mid-hundreds.

Lost and previously unknown FD’s do still seem to be surfacing and long term owners are starting to pass their cars on. Because of this, some of those “lost cars” are being re-discovered.


The main purpose of the FD Register is to log (as accurately as possible) known information on all examples, whether still about, or simply a distant memory of their once owner. The opinion of the club is ‘An FD is an FD regardless of condition or alterations’.

In recent years the FD has begun to gain popularity, which has led to a steady increase in value. This may be due to the split-second view of two FD’s in a 118-118 TV ad from 2007, or, more likely due to the public-awareness of the world-famous super-fast Red Victor incarnations.

In the case of FD values, have dramatically risen in recent times (since around 2009 onwards) and the once ‘scrap-value’ “rough” examples are now commanding the prices that a scruffy MOT’d example would have made a few years ago. You should expect to pay £1000+ for any model of FD that is within the ‘condition 2′ bracket (a reasonably sound compete example with either a current MOT or one that could be MOT’d without major work) and anywhere up to the £5000+ region for either a restored example, or an original FD in a similar condition to a restored example. As with most classic cars the mint original examples of FD’s are always the more sought after, but restored FD’s are adding to the numbers year on year, which helps to keep an increasing healthy supply of examples available on the classic car market. Modified and custom FD’s with for example, larger engines, user-friendly modifications, styling alterations etc’, can reach even higher values due to the added work, time and cost involved, and these examples obviously vary in price depending on their specifications. As with many forty year old cars, parts eventually become scarce and in the case of FD’s this has become evident in recent years. Added to the rarity of the cars in general these factors are obviously also a reflection of their increased value. Or maybe it’s just the fact that the rest of the world are finding out about our little secret.

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